Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Find Private Placement Information Faster & Easier

So you are an accredited investor and you want to find a private investment. Where do you go? By definition, they can't be advertised so you won't find them in the Wall Street Journal or popping up on Google AdWords.

A quick search of the internet under "accredited investor"
quickly leads you to web sites that have a primary goal of pitching services to you that are not usefull or relevant. They will sell you lists of accredited investors, put you in touch with borkers, and help you write business plans. What you won't easily find is an actual investment to put your money into.

OK, so ty to searching on "private placement." The first listings you will be hit with are, again, service providers. Lawyers, leads for accredited investors, you name it. You will also find large private placments for realatively traditional investments.

What if you want to find a start-up company? A company in a specific industry? The offerings themselves, along with contact information?

My blog will provide two solutions:

1. A search engine optimized to find private placement opportunities. Find it on the right hand column and give it a try. Get specific, such as "Green energy private offering" or "Biotech private placements."

2. This blog will start posting private offerings as it finds them. They will be offerings within the United States and it will be raw information- no commentary or recommendations. You will get information such as industry, contact information, and perhaps a brief description of the nature of the offering.

Please bookmarket this blog, add it to your blog reader, and then come back. Use the search engine or search the blog for investment opportunities that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

One of the challenges of finding information on accredited investors and private placements is the amount of selling and pitching services that are not useful or relevant.

Use the Accredited Investor Search Engine along the right hand side of this blog that was developed by David Safeer to more accurately find information pertinent to accredited investors.

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