Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maetec LLC: Renewable, Green Power for the Pacific Isles & Beyond

Maetec LLC just opened a private placement for accredited investors to raise capital. Maetec LLC is focused on a wind-to-hydrogen electricity generation, focusing on ocean-based wind power. There is a need on Pacific Islands to replace expensive diesel-fuel generated electricity with a more economic and environmentally friendly alternative. Maetec has a solution.

Some of the advantages of ocean wind:
- Ocean winds are more sustained than land based
- Ocean winds are stronger on average than land based

Advantages of Hydrogen generation vs. Electric:
- Easy to store hydrogen and less expensive than electric
- Hydrogen "stores" the electricity for use when needed

This posting does not do justice to the project. Go to http://maetecengineering.com/ for more information about the company. Contact David Fahrney at (310) 720-3247 for more informationi about the private placement offering.

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